My G4 is running OSX "retail" and it's running fine until I launch classic.

Everytime when Classic is launched and then try to launch other apps no matter they are classic or carbon the whole system HARD CRASHES right away!

Here's the image


This is driving me nuts :mad:
I have also had that same problem but I didn't know where it was stemming from. I had Classic open when OS X started automaticly. I was able to just type "Shift - Quote - r" and it restarted.
The symptom is kernel panic... there have been many a discussion about this. Search forums far and wide for the term and you will find your solution.

Good luck!
I read in an article somewhere, while Classic mode will run most OS 9 compatible programs, programs like Virtual PC won't run...might this be a source of a VPC problem?
Totally unrelated ;) I was doing the installation using VPC and OS 9 ;) I still havent figured it out but I have it pinned to to hardwre config. (although I do have a NExtSTEP HD image to play with ;) )
I have had a similar problem on my G4 two or three times (dual 450MHz, 768MB RAM, two partitions - one for X, one for 9.1). The problem does seem to be related to Classic, in that the machine seems fine until I have to start using Word, Fireworks, etc.

I suspect that the problem is hardware related, since my Pismo powerbook is rock solid (384MB RAM, again 2 partitions). Classic works, everything's stable - I've had it running continuously for over a week of moderate to heavy use.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?