OSX (Darwin) PHP/pear problem FIXED.


No Wh9ing!
I just wanted to let you know that I have successfully built Apache 1.3.17 and PHP 4.04pl1 as a DSO on Mac OS X Public Beta 1H39 (AKA Darwin).

The problem was that the configure script for PHP was trying to create a file in the ./pear directory named 'pear' where a directory named 'PEAR' already exists. Of course, since Mac OS X uses the HFS+ disk format by default (case preserving, case insensitive) this is not allowed.

I poked around a bit and figured the best solution was to make sure the file configure creates doesn't conflict with the directory. I chose the file name 'pearfile' for lack of a more creative and meaningful name.

Steps to fix: (This requires editing text files. If you are unaware of all that this entails, you prolly shouldn't be doing it.)

./ = php 4.04pl1 source directory

Line 8172: change pear/pear to pear/pearfile

Line 89: change phpize php-config pear to phpize php-config pearfile
Line 126: change pear.in to pearfile.in
Line 127: change pear/pear to pear/pearfile

Rename or cp pear.in to pearfile.in

After that, a ./configure does what it is supposed to, even with the --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs line :)

Now if I could just build openssl in to 1.3.17 with no problems...