osx font and bars too large, and font is blurry


hey all

i've searched the forums for an answer to this problem but haven't found anything specifically on it. there are 2 problems, possibly related:

1. all the font and bars for my system (finder, finder bar, safari, applications, etc) is now larger than it was, but i didn't change anything (to my knowledge). even the buttons look bigger (the apple, the home button on safari,etc). is there a way to change the size of everything? i couldn't find anything in system preferences and i don't know how this happened.

2. the second thing is that my font is blurry and a little more pixlelated. i have never had this problem before! it happened at the same time that everything got bigger. it's actually causing me eye pain. i tried the font smoothing option in sys. pref. and it helps a little, but doesn't fix the problem. i am wondering if it isn't smooth because of the large-ness problem.

i'll try anything that might help.. i don't understand whats goin on! thanks so much.
hey all,
i fixed the problem.. i changed the resolution on my monitor settings. i suspect a roomate mistake. i tried to delete my posting but i couldn't figure out how (i'm new to this site!). this site is amazing.. i'm glad it exists! thanks again.