OSX forthcoming apps

Which OSX application port are you looking forward too the most?

  • Adobe Indesign 2

  • QuarkXpress 5

  • Adobe Illustrator 10

  • Macromedia Flash

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver

  • Adobe Photoshop (6.5 or 7 -- whatever!)

  • What, do I look like a damn designer!!

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Okay, now the fever is over concerning 10.1, let's get busy with a bit of anticipation!!

Which application are you most eagarly awaiting to be ported to OSX proper?
Sorry, I forgot to include GoLive!!!!!!!!

One of my fav' apps!!!

Oh well, it is my first poll thanks!:p
all those games (which seem to be coming faster than the apps at present!)

But we can only have ten options in the poll!!!:rolleyes:
Photoshop is gonna be a clear winner!

Maybe we should send this poll (albeit with less than 20 votes:D ) to Adobe, to kick them into order and get photoshop out!:mad:
Adobe needs to step aside and someone else (Macromedia open your ears) needs to come along and kick the crap out of them, they destroyed three very good apps (GoLive, Illustrator and PageMaker) in order to appease Winblows and now develop for winblows first and then port to apple, when we made adobe the company they are today and this is how they screw us over, heres the one finger salute to you adobe! Yes we need photoshop, for now, but Fireworks gets so much better with each iteration and Freehand X (which is already native) kicks the crap out of Illustrator 9 (which crashes constantly until you update because of bad winblows code) and if you like golive (which when it was cyberstudio I lived by it) I challenge you to try Dreamwever or UltrDev, they rock and the code and javascript is by far cleaner, adobe is sucking the life out of what used to be innovative apps, they deserve to go bankrupt, because apparentyl thier loyalty is!
Don't forget Office v. X

with office and the adobe web collection, I'll never need to use classic again!
but I have to disagree...

I cannot for the life of me use or endure Macromedia's GUI, which is my biggest reason for not using there products. And talking of which, Macromedia went exactly the same way you talk of Adobe, exept they did it long before! A good point in case is Macromedia Director, has no notable competition and is utter crap to use on the fly! Now, if Adobe could come along and beat the crap out of Macromedia with their own version of Director, then I would be happy.:D
Where I agree to disagree :D

But to your point would you consider After Effects Director Cometition?
I suppose it's worth relooking into it. Can AfterEffects export to .swf?

I used to use AE3 -- but I suppose 5 is going to be a lot different!

Anyway, your right, I don't fancy opening up that Adobe vs Macromedia debate!!:eek:
Quark is gonna fade away (or is just because quark users haven't discovered the Internet yet!!):D
Soapvox - your statement that Adobe develops for Wintel first and then ports to Mac is wrong. Adobe now writes more than 80% of their code so it is platform portable, meaning it can be ported to either platform with little to no effort. The remaining 20% or so is the platform specific code that each app needs to address platform specific issues (widgets, open/save dialog boxes, CPU optimization, etc).

MOF, many of the Wintel ports of the original Mac only applications (Illustrator, GoLive, Photoshop) have code that was written on the Mac years ago.

I'll be the first to slam Adobe for not being more up front with their OS X plans. But keep in mind they are a company that does have to rely on the bottom line, and the bottom line is that at best, their Mac apps are 50% of some applications sales (GoLive and Photoshop), and at worst, probably less than 10% (Acrobat), yet Adobe still remains committed to the Mac, and usually has the Mac version out at the same time as the Wintel version (Atmosphere being the exception here).

Cut Adobe some slack. They're late coming to the OS X party, but they are bringing some of the most important gifts for the OS X community.
I bit more respect from both parties for Apple wouldn't go amiss!

(Aodbe releasing Atmosphere only on the PC and Macromedia releasing their project management software only on the PC, I don't like one bit:mad: )
...be is a syllable too much for the tune.

Remember guys: Choice is good. Macromedia makes good software. Adobe makes good software. You choose what to buy. InDesign 2 is looking like a definite winner. It's on its way and it's carbonated, while Quark XPress has yet to find its way to the new OS.

Right now XPress is still the de facto standard in the print media business as far as layout apps go. But if in about half a year you can have either a totally color-managed workflow on OS X with InDesign or the crappy old OS 9 workflow with XPress, you should think about it all over again. InDesign has already set a new standard for type in printed documents. You'll never want to go back once you've created something in it. (I'm talking about ID 2, not the slow 1.52, although I'm right now still using that.)

Someone once said ID is going to be the Quark killer. It wasn't when it was born. But I didn't expect David to kill Goliath here. Let's see what Godzilla does to Goliath. :)

(Choice is good. But if you choose a smelly old rat over a fine new piece of awesome software, it's your fault.)
I agree a little respect is due to Apple in the software and networking world, everyone can back me on that I hope.

I really don't want to get into a war of words over adobe, but serpicolugnut I live in SF and have some associates that used to work for adobe and yes that was my point we originally buit them up after aldus sold off thier assests (Photoshop 1 and Pagemaker 4 to adobe freehand and director to macromind -> macromedia) adobe wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the mac, but now they do develop for windows first then mac second, please see some of my other posts on the subject so I don't sound like a flamer, also I hope adobe also reups its application support for unix, I remember a long time ago (I think photoshop 4) seeing a unix version, now with os x maybe both macromedia and adobe can start to see the value of unix.