OSX functionality


Unbelievable! The PB runs fantastic on my MP 500! Classic apps seem to run faster and smoother than under a normal OS 9.04 and the general feel is really giving me an overall GM impression. Network connectivity through LAN works fine (TCP/IP) and most Classic apps work seamlessly, VPC and Edit DV and a few others exempted...
Dual monitors works fine with my ATI Nexus as secondary graphics card.

The obvious trick is to not try and install it on anything that doesn´t have a OS 9.04 on it already. On it´s own it´s really not worth the trouble, unless your really into animated icons and fluid windows...

Too many bells and whistles in the GUI itself, (like Kaleidescope on acid). Customization is called for here I believe.

My overall impression is very positive. Have been working with OSX in production (with a backup IEEE drive near by!) over the weekend and so far no problems whatsover.

Just thought I´d let those of you that have had tremendous problems with the PB, that this build is pretty darn close to a GM stage.