OSX goes through 20-30 sec. pauses where nothing happens


i just recently installed osx and it has been going thru these 'pauses' where nothing works that last about 20-30 seconds and then it's fine again. this happens about every 3 mins. so it's become a real problem. everything else seems to be working fine. i have no idea what might be doing this. any ideas?????
I too am having a similar problem. After upgrading to 10.1 over 10.0.4 my iceBook seems to hang for a while. The difference for me is after it hangs during starting an application (like mail or IE) it then seems to be working fine. At first I thought it was a DNS related issue but I've checked my servers and everything seems fine. So no real help but I thought I'd log in another 'almost' occurance.

I did use a full release of 10.1 instead of the 10.1 upgrade. If there is a difference there.
Well I've got 384MBs so I doubt it's swapping but I suppose it could be. Top shows the smallest free size at 70MB.

I also need to report that after about 4 reboots (just checking startup changes) it seems to be all better. I wonder if there is something going on with cleanup. Or it might be that I'm not running OS 9 now... Hmm I need to try that.
OK I just started up Classic (OS 9.2.1) and tried things again. Everything seems to be running OK. So that wasn't it.

I'm confused why it's suddenly better. I'll have to try another upgrade on my Cube and see if it has the same problems.

Anyway. It does seem to be working fine for me now.
The hang is most likely a DNS issue. Next time you hang open up the console app in the utilities folder and check for a DNS timeout. You may have some of your DNS settings wrong.
That's what I thought at first. But that wasn't the case. DNS is/was fine.

So while it's a good thought it wasn't right in this case. At least for me. Maybe for the original poster though.
same for me, i used norton to clean it up and volume header blocks etc needed repairing, after a clean installation? somethings up.
Some other things to check:

Are you running the Wacom tablet driver? It causes some random "pauses"

Is it centered around a certain time of the day? Especially the wee hours? BSDs run maintenance scripts to clean up log files and so forth. These are set up in /etc/daily /etc/weekly, etc... I've definitely seen these scripts bring BSD systems to their knees. It is also possible that some clean up scripts are scheduled for the first launch after install. If this is the case, that would explain the "four reboot" solution.

Also, check your Energy Preference Pane, perhaps the drive(s) is being spun down. I noticed this happening after every OSX install I did...

If it happens again, type "top" in the terminal or use Process Manager to see if anything is using inordinate amounts of processor time/memory.

Just to 'close out' my problem reported. After my 4 reboots. Everything has been running fine. Nothing pausing. So while I certainly don't know for sure what it was I will at least report what I think it wasn't.

1) DNS and networking were ruled out by checking things from terminal.

2) top didn't show anything hogging the CPU in fact the CPU was fairly idle.

3) I always had a reasonable amount of free and inactive memory. But I did show a fair amount of pageouts to VM.


What I'm thinking was something was grabbing a *bunch* of virtual memory and getting swapped out. Why it suddenly changed is still a mystery. And of course I didn't save off any of the top info to see what might have been sucking out the VM.

So I don't know about the original poster but I for one am a very happy 10.1 camper right now.