OSX I love it


Well finally we've got it, personally I think it's great. Been using it for about a week now, yes the final build. It takes some time getting used to the dock, I often found myself searching for the application menu ;-). It's stable - yes, but so was 9.1 explorer still quits for no reason, and is extremly slow when downloading. The system is responsive at all times. Some suprises - X automatically mounted my SCSI drive attached to an Adaptec card. Everything works great especially classic my old apps ARE FASTER - true. Think this new switch is like the one from 68k to PPC, just wait and get used to - you'll love it.
You definitely get used to it! I've been using OSX as my primary OS at home since about 3 days after the beta was released.. now whenever I'm using 8.6 at work I'm constantly looking for the dock, Finder toolbars, etc... Still haven't quite gotten the hang of going to the apple menu to shut down though.