OSX inkjet printer


I need a recommendation on a printer to buy. I have an Epson 800, 850 and 900N. It appears that drivers are unavailable and will continue to be unavailable. I need a color inkjet printer I don't care about brand. Preferably under $400.00. USB, Firewire or 10/100baseT required. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Tom Midgley


According to Epson's website, the driver for the 900 will be out on November 5th. I would hold off and see if that will let you print to your 900N, at least locally, since the 900 and 900N are identical except for the network card. My printer at work is a 900, but I added the card later to turn it into a 900N, but the computer that it is directly attached to still uses the 900 drivers which seem to work fine.