OSX Insta;;


I have a Biege G3 266 with a 20GB Drive partioned in 4gb and 16gb. Mac OS9.2.1 is on the 16GB partition. It a slave on the IDE bus with the CD reader. There is also a 4 GB drive that is the origional drive on the machine. It has Mac OS 9.1 on it. Both work fine.

I installed OSX on the 4 GB partition. It installs and says OK. But, when it restarts, it cannot. Only the 4GB drive with OS 9.1 will bot and it cannot see the partioons on the 20 GB drive. When I reinstall Mac OS 9.2.1 from a backup then both system 9.2.1 and 9.1 work, but if I try to boot from OSX it kills the disk again. No data is lost, anly the system need to be restored.

I have had osX working on a Powerbook with no problem.

I you have any suggestions, I wouls appreciate it.




Paul Dunlop
Yep, its to do with your HF setup. MacOS X has some very specific conditions under which it won't work. Its to do with HD parition sizes, and all that. Now, I don't know a huge amount on that, so hopefully someone can carry on from me. Apple's website, and knowledge base does document this, so have a look round there.

Hopefully someone might also be able to help more. I think you might have to change where you're installing OS X to.


Apparently OS X needs to be on the original bus that was ortiginally used in the system. I installed it on the original 4GB drive and it worke fine.

Thanks for the reply.