OSX install Crashes, help


I had it installed (OSX), but when I had to repartition to do some Video work, I tried to reinstall, and I am unable. I installed 9.1 on the 5 gig partition of the 27 gig HD. I put in the OSX cd, and choose install. It reboots, and after it gets the rainbow ball cursor, for a minute or two, it crashes with the three lines of text at the top of the page with black background talking about an error.

I had a problem the last time I tried to install oSX and I solved it by reformatting the drive from 1 large partition to 3. But now it is acting up again. Dont think I unplugged the scsi card.....

I even tried to choose the OSX cd from the Startup Control panel, which has been updated to the startup control panel recommended for OSX.

Thanks, If anyone can figure out the problems.


Man I just turned off my external SCSI CDR burner, as I booted up from OSX., ANd it works. I have a 2930CU Adaptec Card, and I guess that might be causing the conflict...

Have checked Version tracker, and will see if there is any solve..


Was getting this "Unresolved Kernel trap (cpu) Ox 400000 ending with generating stack backtrace prior to panic ...... error code.