OSX kernel CPU usage


Has anyone seen the kernel CPU max-out as shown by the red (default colour) line displayed in OSX CPU monitor?

I'm running a Cube 450 with 448MB RAM. this scenario consistently happened within approx 10 minute intervals under 10.0.4 and lasted several seconds.

Under 10.1 I was interested to see if this possible issue had been resolved. It appears to have gone, except for when I did a PPP disconnect from the new menu addition. A kernel spike would seem acceptable for a second or so, but this one lasted at least five seconds.

this could all be nothing, but I've never seen this issue under NT

any comments?
it would be helpful to know what Console has to say about it. also, if you could tell us what applications you have open at the time this happens and what you're trying to accomplish.

maybe we can find an app that is to blame for it, for i have also never seen it happen. memory leaks, yes. with omniweb alphas, for example.
I think it's iTunes - I have not seen a spike when it's not running. I 'll be trying Audion 2.6 to compare.

I'd be interested to know how CPU monitor registers AltiVec usage as well ?