OSX lists files slowly


Hello, this is my first post in this forum, I'm Spanish and my English is very poor. Sorry for my wrong words.

I have a network with 60 iMac G4 800 Mhz running OS9 and working without problems last two years. We are trying update to OSX because today there is not software for OS9, and the navigators for OS9 are very bad.

My main problem is in the lists of network folders, we have folders with hundreds and thousands of files, fotos, etc... OS9 lists that folders very fast, but OSX is very slow, the iMacs go to frezee because the lists are very big.

I've disabled the DS_Store creation in the network volumes, but the problem persits. Disabling DS_Store

Anyone knows the solution? I like OSX, but list the folders very slowly... :(
DS_Store files are used by Mac OS X on non-HFS shares so that OS X can properly associate files to applications.

Uunlike Windows which uses the .xxx extension to denote the association of a file to an app, Mac OS uses what's called a resource fork and a data fork. This has been the norm since the early days of the Mac OS. UNIX also does this although in a more robust manner. This is why neither UNIX nor the Mac OS need extensions at the end of the file. SOmetimes it's used, but only as a last resort if it can't associate the file using the normal means.

One other thing: Are you using AppleTalk for both OS9 and OS X Macs to access the shares, or are you using another protocol? Also, which version of Mac OS X are you using on those machines? The latest version for 10.2.8 for Jaguar. 10.3.9 for Panther, and 10.4.2 for Tiger. Mac OS X 10.1 is up to 10.1.5, but software is becoming scarce for this version. If it's a 10.0 version of Mac OS X, don't even bother with it. See about purchasing the latest version of Mac OS X if you can, or at least 10.2 or 10.3.
I'am using clients MacOS9 with servers Win2000 with Services For Macintosh. The clients OSX can connect with server vía AppleTalk or Samba, both protocols are very slow listing thousands of items. I've tried with Jaguar, Panther and Tiger, always with similar results.
Thank you for your answer.
Are these with files with thousands of directories or thousands of files. I had a friend at a certain large digital sound company that said they had a terrible time when the macs would try to count the number of items in each folder if the users had that turned on. Could it be slow because it is pulling in lots of "metadata"?
They are all of them in a folder ...

I've found the answer!!!! if you list in columns view and uncheck show icons in visualization options, you can list thousands of files very fast. :p

Here you have a screen..

Thank you everybody.... ;)
No problem...glad you were able to fix it. :D

You might also want to follow lurk's advice on disabling the Mac OS from checking the number of files within a folder as well as the calculation of folder sizes. All that, especially over a network, will cause the listing of files to take a long time. Doing this will allow you to view it in any form without the long wait. :D