Osx Log In


After having severe problems with OSX on my G4 (at home, not this Mac), with all applications quitting just seconds after I opened them, I was advised to do an archive and reinstall. I now can't log in because the system seems to have decided it's password protected and nothing I have ever used works as a password.

I've tried 'changing' (setting one for the first time in fact) the password and found it would log in but instead of letting me into the system, it was taking me to a black screen with 'Welcome to Darwin', where it demands a login code.

I'm absolutely stuck and I wasn't even able to back up my documents as Toast crashed when I was trying to back up the (now very urgently needed) files. My computer support people are coming out on Friday but both they and all my technically capable friends are stumped. Any useful suggestions would be very very welcome.


iMac Dual 2.0 17'
If you boot up on the install CD. When it gets to the menu about how to install. Go to the menu on top of the screen. There is an option to reset password. Do so, and just reboot with out going through the install process.