Osx Mail - No Import, No Mboxes X2


I fixed the import/ create new mailboxes thing by following the instructions below (from http://www.smalldog.com/newsarchive/techtails_display.php?id=264)

Still not able to load mac help, and apparently some people have been bounced back from the account (not sure of the error message they;ve got)
Hopefully what's below will help out & if you'be got any suggestions for runnin help & why it's bouncing that would be great.
1. Navigate to ~/Library/Mail 2. Rename the FILE "Mailboxes" to
something like "MailboxesOld" 3. Create a FOLDER and name it
"Mailboxes" 4. In Mail2, Create a new Mailbox.

The problem should be resolved. Mail2 is looking for a directory at ~/
Library/Mail named "Mailboxes" but for some reason there is a file
there instead. Oddly, the folder 'Mailboxes' seems to have different
properties for different people w/ problems. In some issues it appears
as a unix executable (as here) in others it appears as a 'document'
(properties unknown). I think it's to do with presence of POP and IMAP
in the configuration."

From what this customer says, if you are unable to create new
mailboxes, it may be that the library files for Mail are corrupted or
at least preventing changes. The answer is to navigate through the
Library folder on the hard drive and rename the old file so that a new,
modifiable one can be created in its place.