OsX on a 333mhz imac?

Well, it is running okay on my 333 Lombard. I would suggest to get some more Ram. It was paging out a lot when I had 192 MB installed. Now with 384 isntalled it is running much smoother.
You might want to see about getting more RAM!
384MB of RAM on my 400mhz iMac still pages out.. I may need some more myself! Maybe a 512 chip if I can round up some $$:D
Given the performance on my Wallstreet, I'll be upgrading my kids 233 Mhz iMac real soon! This updated software simply moves.

I have no qualms about recommending OS X will work fine on a 333 mhz machine. I'm completely satisfied with this upgrade and recommend it without reservation - just get lots of ram!:p
10.1 was GREAT on my 256M 266Mhz iMac.

I eventually went back to 10.0.4 though, so my HP PSC 950 (printer / scanner / copier / fax) software would work correctly.


These Macs use the old ATI Rage Pro graphics cards, so graphics performance in OS X won't be great (no OpenGL drivers for these cards).

I don't know if / how that affects your decision. Until someone gives an answer to this, I'm holding off upgrading!