OSX on a PC??


Anyone know anything about porting OSX on a x86 machine? can it be done and can it be done well??

any info would be cool...

There is another thread ( acouple of em ) on this board... just look for them ... on need to ridicule the subject more ;)
sorry....I didn't know how much you guys all laughed at the idea. I was mostly just curious if it could happen. I used to be a PC person before I realized the greatness of my macs but now what am I to do with these old pieces of crap? I just wanted to harness the power of X and put it into action as a little server or something instead of shelling out another 4,000 for a server....
One good combo would be Darwin (for i386), X Windows, and Apache if your talking about web serving. It has the foundation of Mac OS X, just not the GUI. Though you would have an easier time with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or some flavor of Linux as far as getting binaries.
It's not really all redicule... it's something between ridicule, serious talk, anger, and discussions on Rhapsody and Darwin .... (mimics real life in other words)... so ... check it out :)