OSX over Airport + FTP + SSH?



Ive set up my Pismo Powerbook - with OSX (latest build .3) -
The powerbook has an airport card in it - and is assigned an IP address manually (as are all the other machines on the network).

Ive gotten the webserver to work fine (with some strangeness) - seems I had to activate Appleshare in the network controls just to get the webserver to turn on....strange...and changes seem to need a reboot....the whole process seems a bit jiggly so far -

But I have yet to get either the SSH Telnet - nor the FTP to work.

The funny thing is that the IP address does not show in the sharing window - "where it says: the name of the machine and its IP address to be shared by FTP/Telnet etc..." - so Im wondering if this is the root of the problem....Or possibly that sharing over Airport has issues....I may just plug the ethernet cable in and try things that way.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?


TJ Marbois
heres the issue.

Everything - works fine....on 'one' condition.....You DONT re-open the network panel once you have rebooted.

On reboot with all settings activated - it works fine.

The moment I open the Network panel - the webserver stops working....Untill you reboot again.

Looks like Apple needs me to come back and give them some bug reports.

Ill stop in next week.