OSX Server and Time Machine


OSX Server 5.6.1
Server OS is 10.13.5
Clients are Sierra and High Sierra

Goal is to use external hard drive, connected to OSX Server, as network Time Machine location for clients.
On server, I've Shared both the external hard drive disk and the Backups folder inside of it, using File Sharing. I have Read & Write permissions on each.
OSX Server is pushing profiles to the OSX clients.

My Time Machine profile is not working and I've tried numerous methods.
I have tried a Time Machine Payload of smb://macserver/Backups/. Clients get this as they try to run the backup but get the unhelpful message of "Backup Failed: Time Machine Couldnt back up to macserver". More details leads to "backup disk image could not be created"
I have also configured a Login Item for Authenticated Network Mounts for smb://macserver/Backups. I've verified my user account can create a file on that folder.

Digging into the client logs, it shows errors about Error/Unable to make /Volumes/Backups-1/blahblahblah.sparsebundle.
Why the hell is the client trying Backups-1 when the network mount AND Time Machine payload only specific Backups?

So I then created a new folder and changed all the profile settings to use the new folder, TMBackups.
Reboot the client, who gets the new settings. Retry the backup and look at the logs and see....
"Unable to make /Volumes/Backups/blahblah.sparsebundle" What the hell? "Backups" is the previous one, not the one I just changed. The Time Machine value is for TMBackups, yet the client seems to attempt to Backups?

Any ideas how to correct?
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Well it turns out deleting the /Library/Preferences/com.apple.TimeMachine.plist file and rebooting got it functioning.
Idiotic that the OSX Server profile does not override this plist file, but that is OSX server in a nutshell.