OSX Server - Temp Files?



I'm having trouble stopping and starting a Filemaker Server 5.5 running on OSX 10.3. Once the fmserver is shutdown I can not restart it, error sighting : There is another instance of the server running. If i restart the machine all is good again, so i'm guessing there is some kind of lock or temp file somewhere. But i've not been able to locate it. Anyone have any ideas?

It's getting frustrating.. I've googled to no avail.

Cheers, Wil
Are you trying to start if from the GUI or from CLI ?
I have had a lot of problem with the GUI for 5.5 so I switched to starting and stoping from CLI
If you fivermaker server application is located in the application folder go the CLI and type the following commands note ignore the () and command inside them
cd /Applications/FileMaker\ Server\ 5.5/FileMaker\ Server\Config.app/Contents/Resources/ (enter)
sudo ./fmserverd stop (enter) (this will stop the server)
sudo ./fmserverd start -c ./fmserver.conf (enter) (this will start the server)
sudo ./fmserverd help (enter) (this will give you an explanation on how to control FileMaker Server from the CLI)

Best regards