osx server vs osx tiger.


hello, i have running osx panther on my machine(powerbook ti)

one of my friends has given me original disks for osx server 10.4.

my question is can i use it on my machine inplace of osx tiger,
or is it so difrent that most apps wont work? and i neeed to buy the tiger os version.
You can use both OS X Server and 'normal' version on your Powerbook.

Do you need the server option for some reason?

OS X Server comes with serial number, so unless your friend gives you one of his licenses as well, or you buy another valid license, you can't configure or use the Server.

Applications will work the same in most cases on client and server.

For most users, normal client OS X is enough, and is a lot cheaper to purchase. (Paradoxically, OS X Server takes less space).
no i dont need server specificaly, but it is what was given, and i want to make shure that it was basicaly the same thing as tiger, and would run the same apps before i installed it
because on a pc server2003 and xp are 2 difrent os
If you install OS X Server, you will have to enter a valid serial number that has not been used elsewhere... that I would find a bit odd to have been given to you as well? You could install OS X Server without problem, but when the installation is complete, you can't use it unless you have the serial number. So if you were given a valid serial number not used in any other Server, you could install it.
So you can have a copy of the Server software of your friend, but you will not be able to use it with his serial number - unless he has NOT installed the server software anywhere ever.

Operating system wise they are the same, so what runs on OS X normal runs on Server too, in most cases. Of the rare examples there is e.g. iDVD which does not run on Server.