OSX Server Win File Sharing good, win printer sharing bad


My OSX Server (10.0.4) box runs Windows File Sharing just fine. I can see the server in Network Neighborhood, upload, download, the whole thing.

But when I try to connect to a printer via the Printer Share, I can't ever see them from Win 98.

Setting up the printer sharing isn't that hard, and there are very few variables within the software. I have SMB sharing enabled for the shared printers. But when I go to the Win 98 box and use the Add printer wizard, I can't find any printers attached to the server in the Browse box. Also, I can't type in the location of the printer (which should be \\Server\SP1, SP1 being the queue name of the printer and the default if none is specified for LPR).

I can connect to the printers from OSX client using LPR.

So, I know that the Samba is working since I can see the file server in network neighborhood and I know that the printer server is running since I can see it in LPR in OSX. But I can't see the printers in Samba.

Any ideas on the configuration of the server or the client Win 98 box?
I had seen this post and knew I had to say something. When OSX Server has ever come out, we have bought it and implemented it immediately. All versions like 1.0, 1.2, and now 10.0.4 and 10.1. Not the most smart thing to do, but oh well. We installed 30 new servers all running OSX Server version 10.0.4. We liked a lot of what it can do, but we also found the bugs. One of those bugs is the SMB Printing. There is a flaw in the print services of Mac OS X Server. So of course 10.1 comes out and you would think that would fix it, but no, the problem still exsists in 10.1. We even had a top engineer from Apple fly out from California to look at it. We were watching him as he was playing in the core of 10.1 and trying to figure out what was going on. This guy new his stuff. So to let you know, SMB printing and Printing Services in general have an issue. That's what Apple told us and said that they would report the problem to the engineers and get it fixed.

So what we have done and what the Apple Engineer recomended was to do LPR printing with the windows machines for now. The one problem of course is that Win 95 and 98 don't do LPR printing. But there is a utility from I think from some Texas University that makes it so that Win 95 and 98 machines can do LPR printing. So we have been installing that utility and using it instead. It works great.

Just wanted to let you know.