OSX solo ?


Is there anyone out there running OSX with out OS9 installed? I have an ibook (icebook) and would like to completely rid my self of OS 9 ~~ To be honest I don't have one app loaded in OS9 --- But am wary of just not installing it and running OSX buy it self.. -- Do I just delete the OS9 sys folder if I deside to go that route???

I will probably end up tak'in some chances and just reloading X with out 9 though then up it to 10.1


Actually, now that I have the Word X Test Drive I have BOTH my computers running OSX w/o OS9 even installed. It works completely fine, in fact, I think it's smoother for some reason not having traces of 9 all over the place.

If your OS9 and X are on seperate partitions you can just format the partition that 9 is located on and leave it as empty space for applications and files. I went ahead and deleted the partitions and just did a clean install of 10.0.3 then upgraded to 10.1. No regrets (so far ;) ).
I also have an iBook and I have been wanting to get myself rid of OS 9, as I usually never run any Classic app, except for Real and Windows Media, other than that Classic is a no go for me, I have been wanting to get rid of it so I could just have one big OS X Partition, but I always figured since 10.0.4 was a early adopters version I mgiht need 9. It does come handy to have it on its own puny partition when I want to defrag the drive (which OS X loves to trash) so I am a little wary as to getting rid of 9, I can always make a Bootable 9.2 Installation and burn it to a CD, but with my luck, the day I go OS 9 free, will be the day I will need it!!!!

Does anyone know if I can Load classic off a CD?
Unfortunatly all I have is the restore CD's of OS9 so when I install it --- Its taking up like 2.7 gigs which is another big factor on why I would like to get rid of it and use the partition as a storage... How big is a standard retail install of OS9? bare Min???