OSX stability compared to OS9

How does OS9 and OSX compares, stability-speaking?

  • Never had any problems with either

  • OSX never crash, cant say the same for OS9

  • OSX crashes, but less than OS9

  • About the same

  • OSX crashes more!

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I've heard contrasting reports from different person... in day-to-day usuage, how does OSX fare compared to OS9, crash-speaking?

I havent had any OS X crashes yet, but I do not use it as often as OS 9.
OS 9 crashes on me but I know why, but I feel too lazy to do something to fix it
(which is as simple as allocating more memory to my crashing app :p)

X has yet to crash for me. 9 would last about 1 or 2 weeks between freezes.
Launch Stone's Create, get the grid pref window open, and type something like "0,5" instead of "0.5", like any european would naturaly do... Create will try to read the string in an infinite loop, and to all practical purpose your comp has crashed (I'm not going to remotely debig it via telnet or something just because I'm too proud to admit I've crashed it)
Have to say thats realy a stupid fault... I dont know anything about UNIX, but surely there must be a way to stop a single app from getting 100% of CPU? Having only like 1% in reserve would have been enough to open the App Killer window and bring Create down... lol
Well, apart from that I have little to complain about =) Considering I crash OS9 every day or so, I find OSX's strength impressive!