Osx Tiger And Formac Tvr


Hi, new to this venue. i am sure this quesitons must have been asked before, but i can't see how to search for previous subjects.
I have a Formac TVR decoder, and a MAc Mini. I don't have a TV, and have happily used the combination to watch TV on the screen of my Mac for a while. It worked through to 10.3.9.
I just upgraded to Tiger, and it stopped working. I downloaded and installed the new Formac software 3.2.0, i upgraded to quicktime 7.0, and still nothing. the programme launcehs, but the screen remains blank. the firmware on the Formac is 2.0.1. any help would be gratefully rceived, as I can find no support from either Formac or Apple on theri websites, and a general search of the net seems to bring more questions than answers. chris cjhack@onetel.com.
thanks for your advice. I downlaoded the latest drivers form the Formac site, but the problem remailed. I then called Formac here in the UK, and was told that my Studio TVR was too lond to work with Tiger, and I would have to buy a new one. Hardly satisfactory, but I agreed, and purchased a brand new one from Formac. It works fine with Tiger, but has cost me a lot of cash. I suggest anyone else is this situation thinks hard before upgradeing to Tiger. Chris
Gotta agree fully here with you. Hardware like that should never be "too old" for an OS. It's FireWire, right? Shouldn't "go wrong" in this way... :/