OsX Tiger CD2 restarts

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System spec:
iMac G3 bondi blue, rev B 233 MHz
96 MB RAM (actually 160MB, but one of the sticks is 256 bit)
4GB harddrive

The first installation CD boots just fine (with Xpostfacto). But then it asks me for the second CD, I insert it and it installs. But when it have installed adressbook, it shows a black screen for just a second, returns to normal and shows some kind of message (OK/Cancel-message) really fast so I cant read it. Then it returns to the installation process installs all the things from the second CD again! :confused:

Anyone knows whats wrong? I try to check the installation log, but it just shows information from after the black screen appeared. :(

I let the computer rerun the procedur and checked back two hours later and now it asks for CD3. Really sorry about that.
Not open for further replies.