OSX Tiger drivers for HP Deskjet 3521?


My wife has gotten me an HP Deskjet printer/scanner for Christmas. Hoorah!

Problem is, I'm having to scrounge for drivers for OSX Tiger, 10.4.11.

Would anyone here know where I can find them? I've tried HP's own Web site, but I'm trapped in a circle of Choose Operating System/Select A Download where they don't offer anything compatible with OSX prior to 10.5. Hp.com doesn't seem to have any kind of straightfoward downloads page where I can just pick a "legacy" version of the 3521 driver and download it.

Does HP even have a 3521 driver compatible with Tiger, and where can I find it?

G4 iBook, OSX Tiger 10.4.11, Adobe CS 2.
You have an original twist on an old problem. The conventional twist is that the user owns an old printer that is no longer supported. You own a printer that is several generations newer than your OS. I don't see where your printer is supported my any OS prior to MacOS X 10.6.

That said, the solution is the same. CUPS is part of MacOS X 10.4. Your printer is supported by the Linux Foundation's OpenPrinting Project of opensource CUPS drivers. The level of support is reported as "mostly." However, it does exist. You may download the CUPS driver here.
Thanks for the tip on the OPP, but from what I can see, the drivers at the link you provided are only available for Linux and not OSX. Is there a CUPS Deskjet 3521 driver for OSX 10.4?