Osx tiger install hung my mac


I have g4 gigabit ethernet 400 that itried to install osx tiger on. ihave tried everything from uninstalling 3rd party hardware to resetting pram which it won't let me do. it had 10.3.9 and i should have left it alone. so now no matter what drive i try or disc or key combo it just comes up to this stupid happy folder and sits. any help would be appreciated, thanx
Wow, that's interesting. I had a similar experience with an older G4 not long ago. Wouldn't take Tiger at all, so I had to reinstall 10.3.9. I recommend you take it to an Apple Genius and see if they can fix the issue. At the very least they'll see that such odd problems do occasionally crop up. It's hard to say what the problem is, since you've already tried everything...

Did you remove all extra RAM, and all internal add-ons too?