OSX to PC Fileserver - date changing to 1970!


As subject says - When I move files from my mac to the PC fileserver it changes the date to January 1 1970. The date on my Mac is fine as is the server - it was never a problem until I put Tiger on. BIOS battery etc is all OK too - I have searched all sorts of forums for a solution but as yet none have shown up!

FYI - the fileserver is still running Win98 SE so I am just off to try an XP machine and see how that goes.

I thought after the 1st update it would all be fine but it's still doing it - I have installed Virtual PC to get round the problem as we do adverts and need the date to be correct so the admin staff know which is the latest version of the advert.

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated!!
Just tested it on an XP machine and it uses the date created on the mac - not the date it is copied over - so that's not too bad.

Tried moving it from the XP share thru OSX but it still changed the date to 1970.
Just had a thought tho, I am logged in as a guest, I wonder if I set up an account and logged in with Full Access it might write the date correctly....can't see why it is any different tho as I already have full privileges...