OSX upgrade and a couple of weird things...


Hi All
Just upgraded tonite to OSX and mostly everything is fine and nice and fast!!! but.....
I cannot connect properly anymore via pppoe (ADSL) and all my internet browsers think that they have to use a proxy setting which is weird. i seem to connect but can only use ICQ and ftp but not my browsers. I used to go thru a proxy server at work and now it looks as though the upgrade has taken away my settings and replaced them with something else. I cannot connect the pppoe and can use ICQ or ftp or whatever but not a browser so it seems like HTTP may be a problem?

i am having to use my modem dialup to post this in the hope that someone will have an answer for me. IE5 also keeps reverting to "Use web proxy for all" which i used to use ages ago...

Also had a problem with Dreamweaver in classic after the update....all my prefernces (which are on another partition - OS9) were all gone and i had to reset them all up after the upgrade. the only possible time that they could have been changed was when OSX asks you if it can write something to the OS9 system folder when you boot classic for the first time.

Can someone pls help with the pppoe thing as it is disappointing after waiting for OSX.1 for so long!

thanks....i should mention that apart from that everything is fantastic and super fast!!