OSX windows don't stay like 9


Alright, I know OS X is a totally different beast, as opposed to OS 9, and I've gotten used to the way X windows act. My MOTHER, however, finds the new Finder greatly annoying. Do you people know of a way to hack the OS so that when an icon is double clicked, it will automatically open in a new window with its own view settings? And why do the icons keep moving around after she arranges them so neatly on the desktop?
Just collapse the toolbar and you will get the same functionallity as in 9.1. Although slower, of course. So slow that it's useless on my Mac.
I think you also need to go to the Finder Preferences and check the box marked with something like:

"Keep same view when opening folder..."

That way, if you are in icon view, and you double click a folder, it will automatically open the new window in icon view. If you don't, I think OS X opens it in the last viewed position and format (icon, column, list).

The previous poster is right, though, it is a little slow. To be honest, I think you should teach your mother to use the column view. Not only is it extremely fast, but it gives you an excellent sense of "where everything is" and makes it easy to move and copy files around. Just a thought...

Have a good one!
Thank you both, very much, but I think the exact OS 9 style was what I was looking for.
I recently discovered how column view can work to my advantage, but the weird thing is, she prefers her 32X32 icons everywhere, arranged JUUUUUUST how she likes them... what can I say? Some people are just creatures of habit. heh. Don't even get me started on my DAD... he's much worse.

(Hopefully enough posts/pleas for help, and I will be a junior member no more!)
I forgot about the icon thing.

Mine occaisionally move around, but try these two (2) items:

1. Click on the dektop and choose Finder Preferences. Make sure you don't have 'Keep Arreanged by Grid' (?) selected.

2. Go to her 'Desktop' folder in her ~/home/ folder. Select View Options. Make sure that Arrange by is 'none'.

It doesn't seem to happen as often when this occurs. Although, I can tell you that the icons seem to forget their locations whenever you shutdown (which I almost never do...sleep is my option of choice) ; )