OSX & Wintel networking


Hey - anybody know how I can network my OSX Mac on the wintel network at my work? it's an NT network and all the computers are just using DHCP. I've tried just going to the 'connect to server' thing but only my system shows up in the list (and it shows up like 7 or 8 times too, wierd). Anyways, I would like to access the other computers on the network if it's possible.

Thanks, Michael
To get basic file sharing working you will need to install an NFS service on the NT boxes. There are various products out there that can do this sort of thing. NFS (Network File System) basically allows file sharing across different formats.

Try this link below for a discussion on such products.

I would make sure that you know what sort of NT network you are running - workgroups or domains. It makes a lot of difference to the security. Workrgoups is a low security option that allows plain text authentication. Domains is a little more secure but may make it more tricky to connect the machines up.
This is a useful web site that I have found that may help:


It lists loads of resources for linking win and Macs together. It has some stuff about OS X though I haven't looked through it in detail.