osx wont connect to the internet

Please help me, for I am about to lose my rag.

I have recently aquired my first mac, and it came with OS9 and OSx installed on the partitined hard disk. As you can see, I can connect to the internet well with OS9.1, in fact I rate it over the PC after only three days usage...
OSX on the other hand is nowhere near as cosy.

When I try to connect, all that happens is that a dialog box comes up and says "cannot detect/initialise PPP". It does not seem to want to talk to the modem. On top of this, I cannot seem to change any of the settings in the network part of system prefs. even when I click on the helpfully placed "save" tab... so the connections are there and do not change.

I think that the problem might be that I have entered a name in the optional ISP name box, and that OSX regards this as looking for a server or something, but as I cannot change or add any new connections, I can't get rid of this to see what effect it is really having.

Any suggestions and things would quite possibly save my mortal soul.

Did you click on the "Unlock" button before trying to make changes? You may also want to check the "Modem" pane, select the proper modem script (internal modem). Maybe also check "ignore dial tone".

I assume you are using the "connect" application directly. To access the internet from any application you should select the appropriate option in the PPP pane.
Doesn't the modem automatically dial when a network connection is requested (I may be wrong, prehaps it is only airport that does this.)?
I would agree with checking the settings.

If none of that works, re-install os X and that should fix it.