OSX Works Great?


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I got OSX PB and it works great. Only fault so far aside from some possible small bugs and slowness was when I booted into OS 9, and then put in the OSX CD and restarted the computer while holding down the "C" key like the instructions said, the computer would restart, and then I would get the Apple Smiley Face and then it would restart again from there. I didnt know what was up, so I just let go of the C key and then it started into OSX. Maybe I didnt need the C key. I dont know. But after that, it installed great, and now works perfect. Sys. specs are,

G3 300 Beige Desktop
128MB Ram
Stock Sony 6GB HD in 2 partitions (one for OS9 and one for OSX)
30GB Western Digital HD partitioned into 3 partitions (one of which has LinuxPPC on it)
Internal Zip (which is not plugged in at the moment)
Internal CD

But everything seems to work great. REALLY slow on the window resizing. Quicktime is also very slow. Choppy at times, and takes forever to load. Classic is of course, very slow as well, however, I loaded Photoshop 5.5 into classic yesterday, and other than it maby loading slow in classic, it did perform well. Wasnt too noticably slow at all.