Osx-xp Networking Over the Internet

Dr. Lapin

Hi folks,

Have not seen this specific question anywhere.

We are running a mostly Mac OS X plus a few Wintel XP systems LAN behind a firewall. We have no trouble networking XP and OS X on the LAN.

We have a file server running AFP exposed to the Internet. Macintosh systems outside the LAN (connecting via Internet) can access this file server without any trouble whatsoever.

Windows systems cannot see the (static ip) address. We've opened ports 139 and 445 in our firewall.

Internal address of the file server (the one that XPs connect to) is 192.168.x.x. Systems outside the LAN need to connect to a static address.

Perhaps this is the difference? That the outside static ip address is not connecting with the file server in some way? But, of course, the Mac systems connect to that same ip address....

Apple "genius" people at the store swear I do not need 3rd-party software to do this. It works inside the LAN. What is my problem?!

How didi you set up your router to handle the requests form outside the lan. (The Macintoshs also need to know which computer in the lan is the server, don't they?)