OT: Hardware preview in Seybold???


I got this info from a friend of mine who works for Apple Germany in an executive position...of course I can't tell you who he is but till now, he was always more or less right.

Apparently, the new casing of the G4, the silver one, was never built for the G4 in the first place. Plans where that the G5 would be out this summer, the powerbooks would take over the G4 chip. Everything would be released in the new, silver style Apple is using now. The G5, however, was not available in the requested numbers, Motorola had problems finishing it. So Apple, who knew that they HAVE to release something new, released the new G4 line - the Quicksilvers. (they new that the lack of a new iMac was dissapointing for the Mac community). The Silver casing was thought to be the casing for the new G5 from the beginning. Now, Motorola released the specs for the G5 and also said that it will be available in January. Apple said that there won't be new hardware in Paris...if Apple says this, there is a 80% chance that there will be new hardware....REALLY NEW HARDWARE. So, Paris got cancelled. Now, I red that Steve Jobs will make a short appereance in Seybold...and well, my source told me that he is quite sure that Jobs will not only present 10.1 and iDVD 2 but will also present the date when the first G5s are shipping...February next year as he told me.

Isn't that nice?
Even more interesting is what is written on slashdot.org! Apparently, Apple has a new G4 line, codenamed Apollo, in line if the G5 won't be available early next year....with Ghz rates...interesting.....