OT: one sided SSH setup for reverse VNC


Hi Gang,

This is somewhat off-topic but I thought you all might have some thoughts. I've set up a reverse VNC for my I.T business that allows me to connect remotely to my clients & help resolve issues. I'm using the latest versions of OSXvnc & chicken of the vnc for Mac users. I've created a self installing file for Windows users that installs just the server end of Tightvnc. I'll be setting up a Linux solution. I've only done one remote test so far with Windows 98, but it connected fine with my PB with Chicken/vnc listening for the server. I'm currently still in the testing phase.

My issue is: I'd like to run a secure connection (staying open source), but I don't want my clients to have to go through a complex set-up process to get SSH running.The reason for the reverse vnc was so that my clients don't have to mess around with routers & forwarding ports etc. As most aren't very computer savvy.

I'm thinking there must be a way for me to set-up SSH my end with limited/zero set-up needed on the client end. All the while making sure the solution will work between all three main OSes, & still allows the client to connect 'reversely' out to me

Failing a solution I could just run without a secure link but I'd like to avoid that if I can help it of course. Or if I have to drive out & set-up each client I can but it would be a hassle. Any thoughts or ideas would be great.