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Every now and then I hear about apple coming out with another newton called the iPad however I have not been able to find out if it's actually going to appear in public or if it's just a rumor. Has anyone else heard about it?

It would be really cool if apple began making PDA's and for that matter, scanners, printers, and other electronics.


Simply Daemonic
I have heard of iPads but they are just an urban legend :p its probably a rumor started by some enthusiast when iMacs came out lol.

As for apple making scanner printers and so on, I think that this is a bad bad idea. Making apple scanners/digital cameras/scanners is bad for apple because apple knows how to make computers. I think in the long run it is much better for apple to aquire support for printers-scanners-electronics that are generally non-mac so that people will have a look and see that macs are compatible with what they want/have in terms of peripheral hardware.