Outlook 2001 4 Mac


I have had to reload an iMac (G4) with OSX and then OS9 but I can't seem to get Outlook 2001 to work. What are the gotchas, etc that I need to know about. I am aware that it runs under OS9 and that hard drive journaling needs to be turned off. Is there anything else? Is there some special way that OS9 needs to be installed under OSX that I'm not aware of (I have been told that copying the apps and system directories is all that is needed)?

All and any help appreciated. Thanks.


I have been told that Outlook 2001 does not work with the MacOS X 10.4 Classic environment. It certainly does not work on mine.


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Which translates to the question: What versions of OS X and Classic are installed on that iMac G4?


here are the steps to get it working:

1- Create a read/write disk image (40MB is a good size to start with) and place this into the /Users/Shared folder so anyone logging on has access.
2- Mount the image and use Get Info to tell OS X to ignore permissions on this disk
2- Install Outlook 2001 into this disk image
3- Run Outlook from the disk image

Outlook stores some data in a file within its directory. Permissions on the drive prevent this file from being created/updated. Moving the install of Outlook onto a disk image that is ignoring permissions gets around this problem and allows the file creation. I have used this on a small lab of about 15 Mac's running a mix of 10.3 and 10.4.

Good Luck!