Outlook 2007 on Windows to migrate to Outlook for Mac 2011


What is the best way to migrate from Office for Win 2007 to Office for Mac 2011?

I have a four yr old Sony all-in-one running Vista and Office 2007. I have a new iMac with Office for Mac 2011. What is the best way to migrate from the Sony to the iMac? It's my first mac.

I'm concerned about Outlook- it is enterprise, but there are multiple subsets of folders on my local C drive. I want to keep my file structure that is currently on my home desktop.

I'm open to any methods or third party software, in order to get it done right.

You can transfer data from office 2007 to office 2011 by using these steps:

  1. In outlook 2011 click on file menu and click import.
  2. Click oulook data file and then click the right arrow.
  3. Select the data file type.
  4. Browse the data file in your computer and click import.
  5. When the process finished clickon done.

The imported items appear in the navigation pane under On My Computer.