Outlook Express - Corrupt File In Mac Os 9.2


would be grateful for help. My Outlook Express Identity file with all my emails (approx 310 mb) is corrupt, there is no way to copy the file, system says "something went wrong when copying". Is there any mail recovery programs for Mac OS9? I've seen a lot for windows/PC but none for mac.

Outlook Express have worked fine though, but after a big crash when I tried to find the problem (Disc Doctor) it won't start at all. Recently I've switched to MacOSX on another computer but my emails are still in my old...and won't move.

What can I do...?

Although I can't suggest any OE fix programs, at the risk of offering a one-size-fits-all solution here's my response to a similar problem on how to repair the OE user files:

Let's start with the basics - assuming it is OE5 you're using, the profiles you need will generally be found in Macintosh HD > Documents > Microsoft User Data > Identities (though see http://www.macoptions.com/oe/maint.htm for other possibilities). In theory, you don't actually need to import the profiles, you can just copy, duplicate or rename existing ones. The problem with this though is if the database is corrupted. To rebuild this, just hold down the option (alt) key when OE5 is starting up and when asked if you want to compact the database, choose no. You'll then see a second similar-looking dialogue box that asks you if you want to rebuild the database.

The site mentioned earlier recommends that you upgrade OE5 to the latest version (5.0.2, which must be *years* old now) so check this option out first before you do a rebuild.

As an aside, I might just add that Entourage (as part of Office X) seems to have no trouble at all in importing OE5 files.