Overclocked GPU


Uber Nothing
After many years of wondering if and how I could do this, I've finally found a program to overclock your graphics card. It's not myth either, it really does work. I've set my GPU Memory and GPU Processor frequencies about 31% higher than what is "stock". Using GioFX's Chimera Engine, I saw that I got about 8 more FPS than I usually would, using the "Graal2" screensaver. This isn't a very precise test, but I have noticed FPS jumps in the GUI and a couple of games I've tested, including Halo.

Now before you go downloading this program, PLEASE listen to this first: This could permanently damage your card! It's fairly safe to up your card 15% and maybe a little higher, but AS SOON AS YOU SEE ANY ANOMALIES, reset to your stock settings immediately! I don't want people posting back here complaining they just fryed an X850. I nor the maker of this program are liable to misuse.

NOTE: Benchmarking programs like XBench won't tell much of anything. Try real-world tests, such as the Chimera engine or a game. If you do download this and try it, post back here with your results or comments.
Very good advice, ok if anyone downloads it, he isn't liable, he gave you the terms and agreement - no one is liable.
Very good post, I'll have to try it on my iMac, see if Panther runs a bit better.