OWC Firewire OXFORD911 HD enclosure/IBM 60GXP won't mount!!!


I've already seen some partial information about OLD rom updates after installing 10.1 for 3rd party external firewire drives. I don't think that applies to my situation!

I bought the OWC external firewire (Oxford 911 bridge) drive enclosure and installed an 60GXP IBM over 1 month ago. I had formatted the drive w/ Apple's own DriveSetup utility. (The version which came w/ 9.2)

At that point, my OWC drive mounted without problems on both 9.2.1 and 10.0.4! GREAT!!

I got the flat pack 10.1 update over the weekend, installed it, and rebooted. 10.1 will only mount my OLDER (1 1/2 yrs) firewire drive but not my NEW OWC!!! The drive will still mount when I boot up system 9.2.1, but is no longer recognized under 10.1!!!

I have a 400mz AGP G4, :confused:

note: i've read this from Apple and from xlr8yourmac and I don't believe that this is the problem:



I can get the old fwdrive to work, but not the new one!

also, does anyone know whether this version of firewire support is supposed to make FWdrives bootable?