OX X 10.1 and ADSL connection


Hi all,
I am about to set up an ADSL account. My provider (the only one in my country Israel) tells me that with a Mac he can only connect me if I use Tunnel Builder. I already have it ready for OS 9.2, but with what / how do I connect 10.1 to that same ADSL

I don't know for connections in Israel, as far as i'm in belgium, but I think that protocols might be the same !!!

So, to connect with OS X 10.1, for example using a PPPoe connection (like mine): you just have to check connect via PPPoe in the: preference panel, network, PPPoe and enter your log and pass.
Then, TCP/IP: select "connect via ppp" and enter your dns server.

That it's it.... Ireally like simple things wouahahaha.

Mac OS X 10.1 is build to support that transfer protocol without any soft.

Now, if you got another way of connection... just re-post and we'll see;