PacBell DSL and Routers?


Who knows how to get on with the PacBell Set up. I can't use the EnterNet 300 or I haven't been able to. I haven't been able to set up a Hawkings 9225 DSL/Cable Router either. And I don't have another machine to set up a nework.
My understanding is that OS X PB doesn't work with Enternet 300, which is what you need to use with PacBell's basic ADSL (which uses dynamic IP addressing and PPPoE). If you can afford the $100 set-up fee and the 20 bucks extra a month, you can get Enhanced ADSL which comes with 5 static IP addresses (which works for me, because I've got a 7200/90 and a Linux box aside from my main G4 machine). I haven't actually tried this yet (supposed to be installed next week), but I can't imagine why it wouldn't work, since your DSL router hands out the static addresses to each computer. I imagine I'll have to get some kind of firewall going soon though...
I've ordered up the Enhanced DSL because the EnterNet is a real pain. I hope this solves the OSX problem as well. IE5 is the only app I have that's Carbonized and I can't wait to try it out.

I'll let y'all know how well it works.

Try OmniWeb from the Omni group. It's not Carbon; it's Cocoa. it takes advantage of all the advanced features of OS X. You can download it for free from the Omni Grou['s website. I don't remember the URL, but there's a link to it on Apple's OS X page.
Well I'm still trying various things. I can't afford to get edhanced DSL right now. I do think that would help at least while using the router because of the static IP's you get. I'm going to see if tech support can give me some router settings that will work on monday. I also am getting the EnterNet 300 1.4 CD sent here. The spec sheet says it supports X as well as the person I talked to on the phone. She said "i't should" as far as support OS X..... I don't think she even knew what X was though so we'll see.

The DSL hang up is the only thing right now preventing me from being on OS X the whole time. Classic poops out on me every so often but it's still ok. I'm running Photoshop, Flash, Premier, and Director so far an am also anxious for the surf. It's a drag having to restart in 9 to ftp, email, and surf..
I'll keep this thred posted as far as my luck with the PacBell set up....
Try this:

- Boot in OS9.1
- Start the EnterNet application
- click the connect button, then the info button
- make a note of the primary and secondary DNS
- Boot into OSX
- Open the network settings
- Under "Domain Name Servers (optional)" put in your primary and secondary DNS
- you can also put into the "search domains" box

FWIW, the network speed was MUCH faster for me.

Hope this keeps you off the phone with Pacbell tech support ;)

I loaded up OS X.1 last night and am using a Sonicwall firewal a friend gave me and using DHCP server now. The Firewall supports PPPoe. But PPPoe is supported in X anyway so I could just bypassed EnterNet 300 all together any way if I wanted to go that route too..


Wondering if you were ever able to connect using OS X? So far, my husband has not been successful. :( It's not nice around here when this happens. :p
i've been using pacbell dsl and a router with not enternet for well over 6 months. i will ook up the neccesary settings for you later, right now i need to eat. but relax and know that it can be done. The real secret is getting the router configured right to start with. The router support people can normally help you do this in about 5-10 mins if you have all the info which is just the same stuff you needed to set enternet up.:)
ok, with my smc barricade router already configured here is all i had to do to make it work.

go to system prefs then to network
create a new location. i called mine router.
chose show: built in ethernet
choose configure: using DHCP
under search domains, type


i would give you info on what the router needs to know but i am still searching for my router manual to get directions to get into its configuaration. as soon as i find it i will add that. hopefully this little bit is all you really need if your router already works.
ok, what i had to setup in my router

WAN type: PPP over Ethernet
PPPoE account: your pacbell username
PPoE password : your pacbell password
PPPoE Service name:
IP address:
enable DHCP server

as far as i can tell, that's it. I never have to 'connect' to the net. i just launch an app and start using it. it works as if i had been on a static ip all along. i love my router.
Appreciate the info, Ed. We will give it a shot later today and let you know how we do. If husband is successful, I might give it a shot. :D