Pal/ntsc Conversion Using Fc Compressor

Jane Thorpe

Pal/NTSC Conversion

I live in a PAL area but I need to make a first class NTSC DVD.

In the past I have used a production house for the transfer on tape but on reading the DVD manual I see that now it is possible to do this using the FC compressor.

Unfortunately the instructions are pretty basic and there are several issues I need to address.

Is the FC compressor up to the job? Obviously I hope it is. I need an AI job.

Next the manual says one can use the pre-sets or custom settings. The pre- set does not come with Dolby sound and for the custom setting I have no idea how to choose the Dolby sound. For safety I need Dolby Sound.

Is it possible to choose Dolby02 for NTSC? How do I do it?

What settings should I choose to get an excellent NTSC result?

Could I just change the Pal video to NTSC video and use the Dolby sound from compressor PAL sound FC or does the Dolby have to be NTSC too?

Would the sound from the PAL be in sync with the NTSC?

I should appreciate any help and advise.

VHS was so much easier!!!!

Thank you