palm hotsync under OS X?


I just got my wife the PalmConnect USB kit so she could use her Palm III on her new iBook. I can get the Palm to sync just fine through the USB port in OS 9.2.1, but can't get it to work at all under OS X. I checked Palm's support site and they have a short statement there saying that, while they don't support HotSync under OS X, tests have demonstrated that it works if Classic is running before you press the HotSync button.

Can anyone give me any more pointers to use to troubleshoot this? The Palm extensions seem to be loaded in Classic just fine, and the port in the HotSync Manager setup is set to "PalmConnect USB" as it should be.

This is 10.1, if that makes a difference...

Hi Mate,
I think I remember seeing something at that will help you with that problem. I think it will allow you to do what you want under OSX.1

Just go to versiontracker and search for "palm"....good luck