Palm Hotsyncing With 10.4.2


I don't know if my problem is connected to OS X 10.4.2, but that is on my powerbook, with which I am trying to sync with a Tungsten E2. After much uninstalling, re-installing re-reinstalling of Palm desktop(4.2.1) and Missing Sync (4.0.5) I find that my powerbook does not detect the PDA when it is plugged into the USB port. I have tried control +R (which advice I came across somewhere in my frantic efforts to get a reliablle link between Palm and powerbook (something I have failed to achieve since falling for Missing Sync -- but that's a whole other tragedy). Thus I have a serious problem, as I have decided for the moment to rely on the old-fashioned Palmdesktop/Hotsync method of syncing. Suggestions gratefully recieved.