Palm M130 & Os 3.x "matching"


Forgive this "old newbie" as I'm usually quite versed at the Mac Platform, but not some of the idiosyncrasies needed to tweak an already good thing...

I've got a Palm M130 running 4.2 and I've got it hotsync'd to a G4 "snow-globe" running X 3.2- I'm not liking how the M130 keeps crashing on me [winds up needing a hard reset and that pretty much "lunches" anything I had stored on it!]

Is there a Mac or Linux usable interface that's better than the Palm OS? I read of one in a Linux News article and I for the life of me can't remember what it was- it ran on the Mac platform and could be made to run on Winblows XP [I think] ugh... Any suggestions or work-arounds would help: I use a windoze computer at work and since it's a corporate asset I don't link my palm to it while I'm at work- so if it crashes, I'm stuck until I get home to redo what's lost!

Forgive me if this is the wrong kind of help/support I should be asking- I really love the site and hope to be a contributor [even if it's "rah-rah" cheer-leading from the sidelines...]

Again- any suggestions, help or shove in the right direction is greatly appreciated!