Palm Pilot Desktop


Has anyone tried to install the Palm Pilot Desktop in OSX?
and what results did you have.

I sync a Visor on OS9 with no problems, but in the "classic app" it can't communicate. I think that the less than full USB support is my downfall.
I got a reply from Palm a week ago on the subject. They are working on a carbon version and hope to have a beta out "by the end of the year" and certainly by the introduction of OS X.
There seems to be a <a href="">Palm MacPack</a> available for OSXPB.

I have not been able to locate it at the URL that Apple publishes on their site.

If anyone has found the (in)famous <a href="">Palm MacPack</a> for OSXPB then please post here.

I had been running successfully for a while with Palm Desktop 2.6.3 and OSX 10.0.3......until I refreshed my address book by loading a new version of my office phone book (1700 addresses).

Now it fails to synch *every* time, dropping out of the HotSynch. Sample from the log is below for those able to interpret it....but the only hint is that it says Hotsynch canceled....which I did not do!

I have tried the old tricks of increasing the memory assigned to HotSynch manager and Palm Desktop and also decreasing the synch speed to 9600 but no change!



HotSync started 29/5/01 20:01:44

Local Synchronization
Syncing via port "PalmConnect® USB"
Syncing at 57600 bps

Found Palm user "James Bond"

ROM Listing
FileName Version Type Creator Created Modified Flags
-------- ------- ---- ------- ------- -------- -----
Address Book 0001 appl addr 12/03/98 12/03/98 0003
...... lots of stuff deleted.......

Loading "Datebook Conduit"
Conduit "Date Book" version 2.0.0
Sync type is Fast
Remote database 1 name is DatebookDB
OK Date Book

Loading "Address Conduit"
Conduit "Address Book" version 2.0.0
Sync type is Fast
Remote database 1 name is AddressDB
HotSync Canceled 29/5/01 20:02:15