Palm Sync Not Working With Entourage 2004


I think I've done all the right things, yet nothing's working.

Specs: I have an iBook with OS X Tiger 10.4.2 installed. I am using Entourage 2004 and wish to sync with my Palm Tungsten E.

I installed the Palm fix for OS X Tiger "PalmDesktopMac421EN-2.sit". This installed Palm conduits and Palm Desktop. I could sync with Palm Desktop no problem.

Then I installed the "Handheld Sync Installer" in the Entourage 2004 folder that Microsoft help site says is what's needed to sync Entourage 2004 with Palm. This should install an Entourage conduit so that when you open the HotSync Manager's Connection Settings you can set the way it syncs with the Palm.

However, this conduit never gets installed, despite every help page I have referred to saying it should happen. And not I'm totally stumped.

Can you please give me a way out?? Many thanks!!